With Libcloud 1.0.0 around the corner, it’s time to have a spring clean of the compute drivers. Granted, it’s not spring everywhere -actually I’m writing from Sydney, Australia where it’s definitely summer.

Looking at the 52 providers in the 0.21.0 release, I have identified 5 providers that are no longer available or open.

Handling deprecated drivers

For 1.0.0, we need a clean and user-friendly way of handling deprecated drivers as well as keeping the repository clean from legacy code.

The most obvious implementation is that calls to get_driver(Provider.NINEFOLD) as an example will return a user error message saying this provider is no longer supported with a link to a new article and an alternative solution.

Currently, users trying to instantiate a HPE public cloud driver for example will get a connection error, which is not user friendly.

New compute drivers in 1.0.0-pre2

The upcoming release, so currently available in trunk contains some new compute drivers.

Full change log can be found at here.