<h2 class="anchor">Security Vulnerabilities</h2>

<h3 class="anchor">[CVE-2013-6480] Libcloud doesn’t send scrub_data query parameter when destroying a DigitalOcean node</h3>

Severity: Low
Affected Versions: Apache Libcloud 0.12.3 to 0.13.3 (version prior to 0.12.3 don’t include a DigitalOcean driver)

DigitalOcean recently changed the default API behavior from scrub to non-scrub when destroying a VM.

Libcloud doesn’t explicitly send “scrub_data” query parameter when destroying a node. This means nodes which are destroyed using Libcloud are vulnerable to later customers stealing data contained on them.

Note: Only users who are using DigitalOcean driver are affected by this issue.



This vulnerability has been fixed in version 0.13.3. Users who use DigitalOcean driver are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this release.

<h3 class="anchor">[CVE-2012-3446] Possible SSL MITM due to invalid regular expression used to validate the target server hostname</h3>

Severity: Medium
Affected Versions: Apache Libcloud 0.4.2 to 0.11.1 (version prior to 0.4.2 don’t preform any target SSL certificate validation)

When establishing a secure (SSL / TLS) connection to a target server an invalid regular expression has been used for performing the hostname verification. Subset instead of the full target server hostname has been marked as an acceptable match for the given hostname.

For example, certificate with a hostname field of was considered a valid certificate for domain


This vulnerability has been fixed in version 0.11.1 so all the users should upgrade to version 0.11.1 or higher.


This issue was discovered by researchers from the University of Texas at Austin (Martin Georgiev, Suman Jana and Vitaly Shmatikov).

<h3 class="anchor">[CVE-2010-4340] SSL MITM vulnerability</h3>

Severity: Medium
Affected versions: All the versions prior to 0.4.2

Python SSL library doesn’t validate a host SSL certificate and as a consequence, versions prior to 0.4.2 are vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack.


This vulnerability has been fixed in the version 0.4.2. You are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this version and set variable to True.

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