Please help us extend a warm welcome to our newest team member Rick van de Loo!

The Project Management Committee (PMC) for Apache Libcloud has invited Rick van de Loo to join us as a committer and we are pleased to announce that he has accepted.

In the last couple of years Rick has contributed various high quality changes to the project and we are happy to have him on board.

For anyone who would like to know more about Rick here is his short bio:

Rick van de Loo is the lead developer on Hypernode, a highly automated and cloud agnostic hosting platform specialised for Magento built on top of Apache Libcloud. Since Rick started working on Hypernode he has seen it scale from double digits to thousands of servers, along the road orchestrating various high volume cross-provider migrations. His main focus is on platform stability and feature development, of which a large part has been integrating cloud APIs and working around their incompatibilities and unreliable nature.

And in his own words:

Since we started using Libcloud around four years ago the landscape has changed a lot. But even though container-based and serverless architectures have become more prominent, compute is still the cornerstone of cloud. Most of my contributions have been about standardising functionality across different compute providers and implementing new driver methods, mainly related to the AWS, DigitalOcean and OpenStack APIs. As an Apache Libcloud team member I will continue to contribute changes that help us scratch our own itch and encourage other members of the Hypernode team to do the same.

We are happy to have him in our team and we are looking forward to his future participation and contributions.