Recently we added a new job to our CI / CD which runs daily and retrieves latest pricing data for various providers and publishes pricing.json file which can be used by Libcloud to a public read-only S3 bucket.

More information on where to download it and how to use this file can be found in our documentation.

Background, Context

In the past, we ran the script which updates pricing.json file which is bundled with each Libcloud release just before publishing a new release.

The problem is that the pricing data can change often, so updating it only once every couple of months as part of a Libcloud release is not sufficient.

To solve for that problem, we now update and publish pricing.json file which includes latest retrieved pricing data for various providers on a daily basis.

It’s worth noting that we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy of this data so you should only use this data as estimate and you should never rely solely on Libcloud pricing data.


We would like to extend special thanks to Eis D. Zaster who has contributed new scraping scripts for multiple providers and also made various improvements and fixes to the existing scraping scripts.

In addition to that, we would like to thank Amazon Web Services which granted us free credits for their EC2 and S3 service which we plan to use for hosting this pricing file, end to end tests and more.