This page lists Libcloud team members and all the people who have contributed have contributed to the project and are recorded in the CHANGES file.


We would like to thank each and every person who has contributed to Libcloud in any form (be it a code change, documentation change, bug fix, typo fix, feature suggestion or similar).

Team Members

Alex Gaynor
alex_gaynor [at] apache [dot] org

Anthony Shaw
PMC Member, Committer
anthonyshaw [at] apache [dot] org

Brian Curtin
briancurtin [at] apache [dot] org

Clemens Wolff
clewolff [at] apache [dot] org

Eric Johnson
PMC Member, Committer
erjohnso [at] apache [dot] org

Eric Woods
PMC Member, Committer
woodser [at] apache [dot] org

Hutson Betts
hbetts [at] apache [dot] org

Ilgiz Islamgulov
ilgiz [at] apache [dot] org

Jeremiah Orem
PMC Member, Committer
oremj [at] apache [dot] org

Jerry Chen
PMC Member, Committer
jerry [at] apache [dot] org

John Carr
PMC Member, Committer
johnmdcarr [at] apache [dot] org

Mahendra Maheshwara
mahendra [at] apache [dot] org

Roman Bogorodskiy
PMC Member, Committer
rbogorodskiy [at] apache [dot] org

Sebastien Goasguen
PMC Member,Committer
sebgoa [at] apache [dot] org

Tom Davis
PMC Member, Committer
tom [at] apache [dot] org

Tomaz Muraus
PMC Member, Committer, Chair
tomaz [at] apache [dot] org

Paul Querna
PMC member, Committer
pquerna [at] apache [dot] org

Rick van de Loo
vdloo [at] apache [dot] org

<h2 class="anchor">Emeritus</h2>

Allard Hoeve
PMC Member, Committer
allard [at] apache [dot] org

Quentin Pradet
Committer, PMC member
quentinp [at] apache [dot] org


  • Alex Polvi (original Libcloud developer and founder)
  • Dan Di Spaltro (committer)
  • Ivan Meredith (committer)
  • Jed Smith (committer, PMC member)


  • Daniel Bruno - Fedora packages
  • Roman Bogorodskiy - FreeBSD port
  • Soren Hansen - Ubuntu packages


This section lists all the people who have contributed code or a documentation change to Libcloud. It’s automatically generated from the CHANGES file so it might not be 100% accurate. If you have contributed, but your name is missing from this list, we would like to apologize and thank you again for your contribution!

All the names are sorted in an alphabetical order based on the contributor’s last name.

If there is no JIRA ticket number or Github pull request number next to someone’s name, this simply means that a changelog line didn’t reference it.