2011 in retrospect and a Happy New Year from the Libcloud team

Dear users & developers,

First of all, Libcloud team wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2012!

2011 has been a great year for us and we have accomplished a lot of things:

  • Website has been ported to the Apache CMS and updated with a lot of new content, including documentation
  • In May we have graduated from the incubator to a top level project
  • Two new committers have joined the team (Tomaz Muraus, Hutson Betts)
  • We have grown from supporting a single API (cloud servers) to supporting four different APIs (cloud servers, load balancers, cloud storage, dns)
  • We have introduced support for Python 3
  • We have released a total of 7 new versions
  • We have received many patches by external contributors
  • We have held two development sprints (PyCon, EuroPython)
  • Code wise we have grown from ~4300 LOC to ~14300 LOC (excluding tests)

Lets try to make 2012 even better :)

Source: mailing list post.

Libcloud 0.7.1 released

Libcloud team is pleased to announce the release of Libcloud 0.7.1!

This release represents another big milestone for us and introduces a support for Python 3!

Other notable changes:

  • New Las Vegas location for the CloudSigma provider
  • Improvements to the OpenStack driver
  • Improvements to the OpenNebula driver
  • Support for Amazon EC2 new "Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large" instance size

This release also removes old, deprecated (pre-0.5) paths. If you still haven't updated your code you need to do it now otherwise it won't work with 0.7.1 and future releases.

Script which can help you with the migration from the old style paths to the new ones can be found at http://libcloud.apache.org/upgrade-notes-0-7.html.

For a full list of changes, please see the CHANGES file https://svn.apache.org/viewvc/libcloud/tags/0.7.1/CHANGES?revision=1210679&view=markup.


Libcloud 0.7.1 can be downloaded from http://libcloud.apache.org/downloads.html or installed using pip:

pip install apache-libcloud

It is possible that the file hasn't been synced to all the mirrors yet. If this is the case, please use the main Apache mirror - http://www.apache.org/dist/libcloud


If you have installed Libcloud using pip you can also use it to upgrade it:

pip install --upgrade apache-libcloud

Upgrade notes

A page which describes backward incompatible or semi-incompatible changes and how to preserve the old behavior when this is possible can be found at http://libcloud.apache.org/upgrade-notes-0-7.html.


API documentation can be found at http://libcloud.apache.org/apidocs/0.7.1/.

Bugs / Issues

If you find any bug or issue, please report it on our issue tracker < https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LIBCLOUD>. Don't forget to attach an example and / or test which reproduces your problem.


Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this release possible! Full list of people who contributed to this release can be found in the CHANGES file https://svn.apache.org/viewvc/libcloud/tags/0.7.1/CHANGES?revision=1210679&view=markup.

Source: release announcement.