Libcloud 2.6.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Libcloud 2.6.0!

This release includes many new features and improvements. Highlights include:

  • New compute driver for provider
  • New compute driver for Maxihost provider
  • Various improvements in the OpenStack compute driver
  • Support for https proxies
  • Various improvements in the Azure blobs storage driver
  • Various improvements to the deploy node functionality and handling of unsupported SSH key types
  • CloudFlare DNS driver has been updated to use CloudFlare API v4
  • and much more.

Full change log can be found at


The release can can be downloaded from or installed using pip:

pip install apache-libcloud==2.6.0


If you have installed Libcloud using pip you can also use it to upgrade it:

pip install --upgrade apache-libcloud==2.6.0

Upgrade notes

A page which describes backward incompatible or semi-incompatible changes and how to preserve the old behavior when this is possible can be found at


Regular and API documentation is available at

Bugs / Issues

If you find any bug or issue, please report it on our issue tracker Don't forget to attach an example and / or test which reproduces your problem.


Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this release possible! Full list of people who contributed to this release can be found in the CHANGES file.

Clemens Wolff (clewolff) joins our team

Please help us extend a warm welcome to our newest team member Clemens Wolff!

The Project Management Committee (PMC) for Apache Libcloud has invited Clemens Wolff to join us as a committer and we are pleased to announce that he has accepted.

Clemens has participated in the Libcloud community for a while now and during his participation he made a number of high quality contributions to the project.

For anyone who would like to know more about Clemens here is his short bio:

Clemens Wolff is a tech lead in Microsoft’s Commercial Software Engineering team, enabling customers from around the world to create scalable, resilient and efficient software solutions applying relevant technologies and platforms, including cloud computing, highly scalable data engines, machine learning and analytics, and distributed messaging systems.

And in his own words:

I was introduced to Libcloud while working with a research group at Imperial College London on porting OKpy, an open source computer science classroom management system, from GCP to Azure. OKpy uses Libcloud which made migrating the object storage needs of the application a breeze. Since this initial exposure, I’ve been using Libcloud on many projects to ensure cross-cloud compatibility and to simplify testing via the local provider implementations. Most of my contributions have been about maintaining and updating the Azure implementation of Libcloud’s storage driver and building test automation to ensure that Libcloud can seamlessly be used with Azure.

We are happy to have him in our team and we are looking forward to his future participation and contributions.